Snowboard Skills Improvement

You are skillfull in snowboarding – improve your level in 5 days! The course «Snowboard training program for beginners» is useful for you, if you are not confident in your own abilities.

The basic course «Snowboard training program for beginners» is an obligatory condition for improving the level of riding.

A real drive of snowboarding can be felt only controlling confidently a board at any speed and slope. The course is designed exclusively for people who know how to make stem turns on easy slopes and snowboard confidently.

The program “Skills Improvement” is held weekly from December, 2014 to March, 2015. The courses last 5 days. You will master the new style of snowboarding, aimed at achieving maximal absolutely controlled speed.

The first day begins with the arrival of participants. The students settle in hotel, snowboard free of charge on the slopes, preparing for the course. Then they will meet with the coach and listen to the inaugural lecture.

Lesson №1

At this stage you will improve your snowboard technique and correct mistakes in order to be able to make a more technical turn. You will learn how to make carve turn with no angulation (angulation is a body position involving the line from the head to the hips, in relation to the line from the hips through the feet). The instructors will help you to master carve turns by means of inclination (inclination is a formation of the angle between vertical axis of a body and surface of a slope).

Lesson №2

The second lesson will be devoted to long and short radius carve turns with angulation. In the evening there will be a video analysis. You will see your strengths and weaknesses on the video.

Lesson №3

The instructor will help you to improve carve turn with angulation and will teach you to use inertness obtained from applied efforts on a snowboard in the previous turn. Also, at this lesson you will learn how to make carve turn with up-unweighting and become familiar with a sport technique of snowboarding.

Lesson №4

The program of the fourth lesson includes teaching you to make short carve turns down the slope and short rhythmical carve turns. Video analysis.

Lesson №5

Students are taught safe riding down in a narrow corridor and on a slope of any difficulty. Also, the instructors will help you to control your speed completely on difficult slopes.

Lesson №6

At the sixth lesson, you will begin to make a short turn in the neutral position, and learn how to overcome slopes of any difficulty controlling your speed balance. Video analysis.

Lesson №7

At this stage you will improve your turn in the neutral position. Then the instructor will help you to master the elements of freestyle and teach you to change the direction quickly, basic jumps from ski jumping hills.

Lesson №8

The eighth lesson will be devoted to the study of such elements of freestyle: SWITCH, OLLIE, NOLLIE, REVERT NOSEROLL, TAILROLL, NOSEPRESS, TAILPRESS. NOSESLIDE (270 out), TAILSLIDE (270 out). Video analysis.

Useful suggestions

Choose for yourself a convenient type of training in accordance with the season. Also, you can save your money while training in a group.

The Cost

Group course starts in a convenient day and time for you when there is a required number of students (4 students at least). Group trainings are more economical and more efficient.

Type of training Number of students The cost per one student, UAH

Low season

High season

Individual training 1 student



Training in a mini group 2 students



Training in a mini group 3 students



Training in a group 4-8 students



Do you want to train your family and relatives?

If you ski or ride a snowboard confidently and skillfully familiarize yourself with the procedure of obtaining obtaining permission for training family and relatives. It will take you no more than 5 minutes and will allow you to share experience comfortably with your relatives.

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