Permission for training family members and relatives

Starting with the winter season 2012-2013 it is allowed to train relatives! You can train your relatives on specially designated slopes.

Procedure for the provision of training at the tourist complex “Bukovel”

Starting with the winter season 2014-2015, at the ski resort “Bukovel” ski and snowboard training can be provided only by instructors of Bukovel Ski School and partner schools.

Starting with the winter season 2012-2013 it is allowed to provide training for relatives. You may train your relatives on specially designated slopes. This rule increases service and safety of tourists of the the resort of different levels of skiing. Thus we separate beginners and more advanced skiers on different ski trails.

Ski and snowboard training may be provided by:

  • the instructors of Ski and Snowboard School “Bukovel”;
  • the instructors of other ski schools, which are partners of the resort and have received the written permission to provide training;
  • people who train their close relatives (children, wife, husband, father, mother, brother or sister) and have received the permission for training.

To provide training you will get a written permission.

Procedure for obtaining the permission

  1. On the training day please come together with your students to “Bukovel” ski and snowboard school department 2B (opposite the first-aid post)” from 9:00 a.m to 4 :00 p.m.,, where within 10-15 minutes you will get a permission for training. In order to save your time, you can fill out the form in advance on this page below.
    At the school department:
    you will be acquainted with safety rules during training on the slopes
    the most convenient time for the beginning and the end of training will be defined
    the most appropriate slope and trail, according to the skiing level of students will be defined
    you will be given a shirt-front and printed permission to provide training. You must have testimonial about you (passport, driving license, etc.).
  2. In addition a person, who provides training is given a shirt-front of ski and snowboard school”Bukovel” (for the period of training), a value of deposit for the shirt-front is 100 UAH, it is returned after training
  3. Having received the permission and shirt-front, you can start training.
  4. During training you have to put on the shirt-front and have the permission about you.
  5. After the end of training the written permission and shirt-front are given back at the department of ski school, and the deposit is returned.
You must send the application form (the form is below) with obligatory reference to:

  • the name of the ski school
  • contacts of the school
  • the date and time of training
  • the number of students
  • the number of instructors
  • skiing level of students
  • extra wishes (Giant-slalom trail, difficulty level of slope, etc.)

The permission to provide training is given at the department 2B of Ski School “Bukovel” (opposite the first-aid post)..

In case of revelation of violations and training on unspecified slopes, the following measures will be taken:

  • Warning
  • Ski pass blocking
Corporate programs Event Pro

The oganization of winter and summer recreation and corporate events at the resort “Bukovel”. In particular, the creation of team-forming training courses, quests and relay races. A complex approach to special events and children's recreation, mountains − it's not just hiking and rafting, but also tours on quad bikes and cycling.

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Fill in the application form for obtaining a permit

Specify all your personal data in order we could keep in touch with you.

Private individuals should specify the address and representatives of ski schools should specify contact information and name of the school. Be careful when selecting the date and time that you choose for training. Do not forget to fill in short data about your students.

When confirming the application, you will have to provide your passport data to confirm identity authentication and to get a shirt-front at the department.

* – Having filled out and sent this form you consent to the processing of your personal data.

Write your personal data


Specify your skiing and snowboarding ability levels

Number of students The desired time and date
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