History of Bukovel Ski School


This year ski resort “Bukovel” was established, with 1 platter lift. At the same time as ski resort was established, ski and snowboard school “Bukovel” was originated.

With the advent of first tourists, it became evident that ski and snowboard training services are a great success. Because most vacationers could not ski or wanted to improve their skills.

From the very start up, the school has been applying the principles, among which are the following:

  • careful selection of the training personnel;
  • individual approach to each client;
  • serious treatment to one’s own duties.

Such approach to work has allowed the school to develop dynamically, being guided by the permanent improvement of its activities.


At the ski resort “Bukovel” infrastructure is actively developed that had a significant impact on the increase in the number of tourists. In its turn, ski and snowboard school “Bukovel” increased a workforce of instructors in order to meet the requirements of vacationers. The obligatory regular training of instructors for improving their technique started this year.


This year was marked with the opening of the second slope − the trail 2A and double chairlift, where was a good place (a gentle slope area), on which it beacame much easier to train ski beginners. Also, the school administration decided to purchase the first instructor uniforms, which would clearly mark off the instructors and vacationers of the resort.


The important event of this year was the opening of another slope − the trail 7A, on which there was a platter lift. The slope became the main place for teaching beginners. The school instructors began actively to study and practice the foreign ski and snowboard training methods.

In March this year, the school organized the first competitions among amateurs at the ski resort “Bukovel”. On the official website of the ski resort a section devoted to ski and snowboard school “Bukovel” appears.


An important event of this year was the opening of four lifts − № 3, № 5, № 8, № 12, which influenced the increase in the number of visitors and, consequently, the number of students of the school. Also in 2005, the first specialized ground for training children was made. A special office of the ski school “Bukovel” is opened, located in the centre of the resort.


At the same time eight lifts are opened − № 1R, № 2R, № 11, № 13, № 14, № 15, № 16, № 22. At the end of winter season, the school staff and the executive management of the resort organized an imitative business competition between schools, by creating two schools out of one with separate management. These conditions allowed the managers to realize their ideas, aimed at the development of schools and the resort.


At year-end 2006 the positive impact of competition between schools becomes obvious. As a result, a third school with a separate management is opened. During the business competition, rate of development is accelerated and it improves the quality of services provided.

This year, for the convenience of guests four new departments of the school are opened, which are located in different parts of the resort near the lifts № 5, № 7, № 8, № 14. In order to improve the quality of teaching tourists, instructor training courses are held. An additional ground for training children is opened on the slope № 7. The list of school services is expanded (skills improvement, the Instructor Guide, photo shoot / camera shooting, corporate training). Three different websites of schools are created, and a powerful advertising campaign of each one is made. The result of the accomplished work is an increase in the number of students by factor of ten in comparison with last year.

Managers of the schools visited Whistler Resort in Canada, in order to gain the experience in preparation of slopes, organization of snowpark and summer entertainment, especially of bike park.


Three ski and snowboard schools completly function on the territory of tourist complex “Bukovel”.

A ground for teaching beginners is opened near the lift № 14.
Foreign specialists are invited to the tourist complex “Bukovel” to hold training courses for instructors. The courses are held in accordance with standards of the international ski instructors association ISIA. The school establishes a stationary Giant-slalom trail and snowpark, where training for skills improvement is conducted and competitions for amateurs, sportsmen and instructors are held.

A social project “Children’s Ski School” is originated, during which more than 500 children from Ivano-Frankovsk region were trained free of charge.

For the first time, the instructors of ski and snowboard team «Bukovel» participated in the twelfth World Championship in skiing and snowboarding among professional instructors “ISIA World Championships 2008”, which was held at ski resort Maribor-Pohorje, Slovenia from 2 to 7 of March, 2008.


The year was marked by the fact that at the school “Bukovel” were allowed to work only instructors, who had passed courses. At the end of winter season “The First National Championship Among Instructors” was held. 2009 is the last year in the history of existance of three schools with separate management, at the end of winter season three schools are united into one school.

The social project “Children’s Ski School” continues its work, during which more than 1000 children from Ivano-Frankovsk region were trained free of charge.

Managers of ski and snowboard school visit the ski resort Courchevel (France), where they adopt methods of ski school organization of one of the most prestigious resorts in the world.


During summer period, the school organizes programs of the Children’s Sports and Health Camp “Bukovel”, which operates on the territory of the ski resort the first year. In the Children’s Camp work the instructors, who have been working during winter season. Thus, the school provides employment opportunities for the employees also during summer period.

At the beginning of winter season, the school “Bukovel” opens its branches in six ski centres of Ukraine: ski resort “VyshHora”, ski resort “Vodianiki”, ski resort “Izki”, ski resort “Horbovо”, ski resort “Lavina”, ski resort “Plai”.

The school buys new high-quality uniform VIST for ski instructors.

This year an obligatory rule is made − all instructors work in helmets for promotion of a culture of skiing safety.

We continue working on a social project “Children’s Ski School”, which became all-Ukrainian this year. During the project more than 4000 children from Ivano-Frankovsk, Kiev, Cherkassy, Lvov regions and Dnepropetrovsk city were trained free of charge.

At the tourist complex “Bukovel” a Children’s Sports Section is established, which is attended by children living in the area of the resort free of charge. The school holds contests for children and amateurs at the resorts “Plai”,  “Vodianiki”, «VyshHora», and also massive competitions Bukovel Cup in the following disciplines:

giant-slalom, ski cross, boardercross, mogul skiing,  skiing  Big Air, jibbing, in which more than 350 participants strove for victory.

The school puts up money for the trips of young sportsmen and instructors to various alpine ski and snowboard competitions for amateurs and professionals.

Managers of ski and snowboard school “Bukovel” visited the international congress “Interski”  in St. Anton (Austria), which brings together organizations of the instructors of the whole world. During the congress, our delegation received the knowledge of organization of ski schools and training of instructors, found out about modern methods of training and acquired other useful knowledge, which would be applied in Ukraine.


During summer period the school organizes and carries out sports and entertainment program of Children’s Camp “Bukovel”.

For young sportsmen of the Sports Club “Bukovel” summer preparation for basic physical training is carried out.

In summer our team actively works on preparing for the upcoming winter season.

At the beginning of the season international lecturer meeting was held on a topic “Training of prospective instructors”.

At the discretion of director of the school, Master of Sports of International level Michael Renzhyn was invited to be a head coach of the Sports Club. It contributed to a significant increase of the level of young sportsmen and led the team “Bukovel” to multiple victories in various competitions.

Bukovel Ski School has close cooperation with universities in order to invite students for interning at the tourist complex “Bukovel” in capacity of assistants of ski and snowboard instructors.

Besides, numerous competitions of regional, all-Ukrainian and international levels in various disciplines and for different categories of participants were held.


All brances of ski and snowboard school “Bukovel” in Ukraine are cancelled, the whole work is focused on the development and activity of school at the tourist complex “Bukovel”.

A department of Children’s Sports Club “Bukovel” is established in Ivano-Frankovsk.

A Toy School for Children is estableshed (instructors wearing toy costumes train children).

A snowpark is renovated on the trail 8A and a new mogul slope is being made.

A new ground for training beginners is set up near the lift №15.


Active work on the development of ski and snowboard school and the resort “Bukovel” is continued.

The number of corporate events for the instructors and employees of Bukovel Ski School significantly increases: numerous alpine skiing and snowboard competitions, futsal and bowling tournaments, competitions in Extreme Park are held, the instructors regularly visit SPA centres of the resort.

In 2012-2013 winter season more than 30 alpine ski and snowboard competitions for children, amateurs, sportsmen and instructors are held. At the tourist complex “Bukovel” cross-country skis competition “Bukovel ski-track” was held for the first time. Several stages of competitions among snowboarders “Snowboard Race 2013” were also held.