Improving the skills of «Carving Course»

You are skillfull in parallel skiing – raise your level in 5 days! The course «Ski training program for beginners» is useful for you, if you are not confident in your own abilities.

The basic course «Ski training program for beginners» is an obligatory condition for improving the level of skiing.

The “Carving Course” is held weekly from December, 2014 to March, 2015. The actual program lasts for 5 days. The first day of “Carving Course” begins with the arrival of participants. The students settle in hotel, ski free on the slopes, preparing for the course. Then they will meet with the coacher and listen to the inaugural lecture.

Lesson №1

The participants of the program recall and repeat previously passed material. They improve their stance, which is used in turns and learn to make carve turns with faster weight transfer.

Lesson №2

The program of this lesson is aimed at synchronization of movements in turn and keeping rhythm with the help of pole plant. The participants of the course also improve skiing long radius parallel turns with pole plant.

Lesson №3

At the third lesson, you will improve the slip on edges by more complicated technical exercises. The instructors also teach you how to operate the skis only balancing your weight, even skiing in unbuttoned boots and on one leg. At this lesson, you will learn the basic short radius parallel turns for safe skiing in a “narrow corridor” on any slopes.

Lesson №4

The students will learn long radius carve turns on slight slopes. During the fourth lesson, the participants will learn to make conjunct turns with closed eyes, just following the instructions of the instructor.

Lesson №5

Working with the instructor, students learn to control completely their speed on difficult slopes and in carve turns. They master pole plant in the basic short radius parallel turns.

Lesson №6

The sixth lesson is aimed at improvement of turns of different complexity. Participants will learn to make the basic short radius parallel turn due to more powerful vertical activity and will be able to overcome steep trail areas.

The instructors will also teach you how to make stem long radius carve turns.

Lesson №7

At this stage, the instructors will show you how to reduce the exertion on the joints when skiing on the snow hillocks and teach you how to reduce the carve turn radius.

Lesson №8

At this stage, you will solidify your knowledge and skills gained at previous lessons, using complex technical exercises. You will learn how to use in turn the dynamics, gained from applied pressure of a ski in previous turn.

At the end of the course you will be able to ski confidently on difficult slopes.

Useful suggestions

Choose for yourself a convenient type of training in accordance with the season. Also, you can save your money, training in a group.

The Cost

Group course starts in a convenient day and time for you when there is a required number of students (4 students at least). Group trainings are more economical and more efficient.

Type of training Number of students The cost per one student, UAH

Low season

High season

Individual training 1 student



Training in a mini group 2 students



Training in a mini group 3 students



Training in a group 4-8 students



Do you want to train your family and relatives?

If you ski or ride a snowboard confidently and skillfully familiarize yourself with the procedure of obtaining obtaining permission for training family and relatives. It will take you no more than 5 minutes and will allow you to share experience comfortably with your relatives.

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